Women's Connect Group

Women's ministry is Jesus-centered. It's all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It's about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. And that happens when women engage with God through his Word and prayer, in the community of the local church. Beyond that - there are many forms that women's ministry can take! Women's ministry can involve: Running events where non-Christians can get just a glimpse of Christ and his community. Being involved in social action projects with an emphasis on loving other women e.g. crisis pregnancy centers, visiting women's prisons, visiting elderly housebound ladies. Friendship evangelism where we intentionally share the gospel with the women we meet. Reading the Bible one-on-one with a non-Christian friend. Running evangelistic courses for interested women. Helping a new Christian understand basic doctrine and Christian living. Running a book group where Christian books can be read and discussed. Leading a women's Bible study group. Reading the Bible one-on-one with a Christian sister. Speaking at women's breakfasts. Offering pastoral care and counseling where the truths of the gospel are applied to the difficult situations of life. The list is endless!

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